Disembodied God

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The more that I age and the more time that I have to reexamine my programming, I find my thoughts about God becoming much less precise and much more abstract.

When I was younger, I used to think of God as an entity that had moods, tastes, and preferences. Now I often think of God as more of a disembodied mystery. No preferences, no moods, no tastes— just raw being, like an invisible field that we’re all living, working, and scurrying around in. Some of us are aware of it. Some aren’t, but it’s the thing that makes us all alive.

I get Richard Rohr’s daily newsletters and I enjoy reading them when they arrive in my inbox. The material in them always says what I’m thinking better than I can. Today’s began with this.

“If God is always Mystery, then God is always in some way the unfamiliar, beyond what we’re used to, beyond our comfort zone, beyond what we can explain or understand. Many first learn to love and know God through the familiar, human face of Jesus and from there come to recognize God’s presence everywhere. Similarly, there are times and places to gather with people who are like us, but if that’s all we’re doing, we’re not growing and love is not growing in the world.”

—Richard Rohr

Anyway. That’s what I’m thinking about today.

Here’s a song from the latest album that’s in the same realm, topically. Enjoy.