From Here To Here

Some thoughts about being present and the high cost of the pastoral journey to full LGBTQ inclusion.

THe Burning Heart

What if everything that you know about Jesus is wrong? If so, how would you even know the difference? 


Why is it that what we expect from God never materializes as we think it should?


The word "church" is one of the most misunderstood words in the world. What is the church and what is your place in it? 


We all have things that we're trying to avoid. It seems that the harder we try, we put ourselves right in their path.

Habitable zones

a sermon about the space between doubt and belief, and why living there is a very good thing

Sexual Orientation & Faith

Can one still be devoted to and loved by God while attracted to the same sex? 


Many hold to the belief  that God favors some and overlooks others. Is that true? 


The word "mitzvah" literally means, "commandment." In this message, Ryan unfolds this ancient Hebrew word and explains how we might be grossly distorting its true meaning.

Fighting With God

The word "Israel" literally means, "one who struggles with God." In this message, Ryan unfolds the meaning of this ancient Hebrew word and why it's still relevant to us today.

What Is SIn?

Why is it  important that we understand what sin is? In this message, Ryan goes back to the very beginning of biblical history to answer to this question.


What does it mean to be interdenominational?

Ryan answers this question and points to a brighter future that is possible if we can learn to see beauty in plurality.


We all have a story to tell. This is Ryan's story about where he was, what happened, and what he wishes he knew then that he knows now.


What is our purpose as people of faith? What role are we to play in the plan of God for our lives and for our world? In this message Ryan answers these important questions.


What is our response when, out of nowhere, change arrives on the doorstep of our lives? In this message, Ryan talks about what do when change comes, and more importantly how to see it as good thing.


What is the purpose of money? Could we be chasing it for all the wrong reasons? More importantly, could we chase it for a higher purpose? In this message, Ryan talks about what money is really for.


We all go through experiences in our lives that can make us bitter. How do we process through them so that we don't wind up in an even worse condition on the other side of them?


Sex. Yes, sex. Don't say that the topic's never crossed your mind. At the very least, it's how we all got here. In this message, Ryan addresses this taboo topic, minus all the dogma.  

Why I Struggle With The Resurrection

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? In this message, Ryan talks about his hangups about the resurrection of Jesus and how he makes sense of something that is scientifically implausible. 

How Dreams Come To Pass

What do we do when we our dreams don't come true? Ryan highlights the story of Joseph in the Old Testament as an example of how God causes our dreams to manifest.

How To Be Perfect

Is it possible to be perfect in the eyes of God? In this message, Ryan explains if it is.

The Importance Of Silence

The world in which we live gives us little opportunity to experience moments of silence.